Welcome to our website PT. TENSINDO KREASI NUSANTARA, and What We Offer :


Prestressing System

Prestressing is main product of OVM for concrete structures. It is developed through years of study and tests to derive. . .


Stay Cable

OVM250 Stay Cables has been used in over one hundred bridges in the world. This system meets all criteria of modern stay. . .


Structural Repair & Strengthening

For some reasons, structures become insufficient for loadings after years of service: growth of loadings (vehicles volume. . .




About Us

P.T. TENSINDO KREASI NUSANTARA was founded as a construction services specialist company engaged in the pre-stressing and other special construction.

The company was founded with strong motivation and commitment to meet customer’s requirements and satisfaction.

After certain period of preparation, PT Tensindo started the role in some project in Central Java. Today, we are given more trust to involve in projects in other area, continuing to grow and contributing to the national development.

Special construction is a challenging market today since it demands for combination of engineering, technology, working method, workmanship and material quality in one package. Fail to fulfill one component could result in structural collapse and loss of life. While recent global crisis calls for reducing cost in all activities, special construction must maintain its guarantee for safety and reliability of the buildings during its construction phase and service time.

To meet the goal, we rely on decades of experience in the world of special construction, combined with engineering capability and OVM China product quality, a product with an international reputation. Thanks to 4 decades of experience, OVM is now a leading product supplier and specialist contractor in China in the field of prestressing and other special construction techniques. With a strong reputation for reliability, professionalism and innovation, OVM Systems have successfully worked on numerous projects, including bridges, buildings , tunnels, harbors , dams and nuclear power stations, and in doing so have achieved worldwide prestige.

It is our wish that our service would contribute more to Indonesian development. And so, we proudly present you the technology!